Going Elsewhere




“The Clayfoot Strutters do indeed know how to strut their stuff, and in a way that is guaranteed to make you sit up and take notice. Though contra dance music is intended for dancing, it is also a delightful listening experience in the hands of the Clayfoot Strutters. Unlike a lot of dance music, which tends to sacrifice complexity and musical interest for catchy tunes and repetitious, hurried rhythms, the work of the Clayfoot Strutters is precise, intricate and playful. I found myself playing tracks again and again to discover how certain lines were played and by what instruments. My personal favorites include “Honey Bee,” in which the electric guitar, flute, fiddle and piano take turns playing with the melody against a solid backbeat, and “Neil on the Floor,” a sultry little jazz piece that pits the clarinet against the accordion in a series of variations on a theme. Going Elsewhere is a real a step outside the ordinary, but that’s what makes it both entertaining and valuable.” —Jena Ball, April 6, 2003.

Sample Track