O Boss Man




North of Eden Press is thrilled to announce the release of Bob Murray and Jeremiah McLane’s CD “O Boss Man”. This collaboration between these two amazing musicians and songwriters—and heartful dreamers on the journey—is sure to move and inspire us.

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Amazon.com Editorial Review

”Behind the soulful and passionate musicianship of O Boss Man are the raw, stripped-down voices and stories of two men who literally followed their dreams.

Inspired by their journeys through Archetypal Dreamwork, Bob Murray and Jeremiah McLane, in their first collaborative effort, have created an album that resonates with pain, love, energy and grace. The cd is a rich blend of the poetry of Murray’s lyrics and the world music sensibility of McLane’s musical arrangements.

Their songs incorporate a myriad of styles blues, jazz, rock, folk, among many at times tender and delicate, at other times raucous and driving. The title track, O Boss Man, relates a dream Bob Murray had of Bruce Springsteen inviting him to join him on stage. Terrified, but willing, he did, both in the dream and in his life.

Two solo albums later, he is still stepping into the unknown in this case, into collaboration with his good friend, Jeremiah McLane, a much-lauded professional instrumental musician (piano and accordion) with over a dozen albums to his credit. On his autobiographical song, Crossroads, McLane tells how a dream helped him see that in return for a successful career in music, he had put away his childhood desire to sing his own songs, tell his own story. McLane s collaboration with Murray marks the end of this deal with the devil, and the emergence of a powerful voice singing songs of truth and redemption.”