Composer, Accordionist, and Pianist

Art Edelstien in Times Argus, 2016

Special Award “Jeremiah McLane, of Sharon, who has been making music for 30 years or more, earns the Special Award for Best Musician. He trained for classical piano but is also a noted piano accordion player. In the early 1990s, ...Read More

Interview with WCAX

The accordion is enjoying a comeback. The instrument is gaining in popularity and more youngsters are taking lessons. Steve Bottari sets the stage with Jeremiah McLane, a composer and teacher in southern Vermont and master of all things accordion. Watch the ...Read More

Strafford’s Accordion Playing Legend

When former Vermonter and Pulitzer prize winning author Annie Proulx wrote “Accordion Crimes,” it was because she heard in that instrument the essence of immigrant America. Here was an instrument with as many varieties of song as there were nationalities ...Read More

A review of Going Elsewhere

Rambles: What’s a classically trained musician such as myself supposed to make of a band that describes its music-making process as a deconstruction of Irish tunes followed by a reassembling “with the aid of second-and-third-world blueprints?” When the little blurb ...Read More

‘Hummingbird’ Jeremiah McLane and Ruthie Dornfeld

Dirty Linen: With a mix of courtly and spirited dance numbers, the depth and skill of these two players is matched only by their obvious love and respect for the traditional music they play. Both world-renowned virtuosos on their respective ...Read More

Nightingale ‘Three’

Nightingale is a Vermont-based trio comprising fiddler Becky Tracy, guitarist/vocalist Keith Murphy and accordionist Jeremiah McLane, and Three is, aptly, their third recording together – not including various combinations of them in other bands. (McLane, for example, is a co-founder ...Read More

Nightingale ~ Three

Fans of the Vermont-based trio Nightingale have had to wait a long time for Three, the band’s third CD. It has been eight years since the last recording (Sometimes When the Moon is High; the first CD was entitled The ...Read More

Jeremiah McLane – Rambles.NET

When I first saw this CD, I was not quite sure of what to expect. The album cover — a picture of bare trees on a hillside — gives no clue as to what lies ahead. A photo of the ...Read More

Chicago Tribune – Le Bon Vent

By Aaron Cohen – Special to the Tribune October 29, 2006 When accordionist Jeremiah McLane and clarinetist James Falzone talk about an early tour of their group, Le Bon Vent, both bring up a minor act of vandalism that turned ...Read More

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