Composer, Accordionist, and Pianist


Jeremiah McLane

Jeremiah has a master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. He teaches at the State University of New York in Plattsuburgh, NY and at the Floating Bridge School of Music in Sharon, VT. He also teaches at dance workshops and music camps around the country, including Pinewoods, Augusta, Ashokan, Lady of the Lake, the America Festival of Fiddle Tunes, and the Maine Fiddle Camp. Jeremiah also teaches private students in both accordion and piano, as well as improvisation and jazz theory. Below is a list of workshops and topics covered in private lessons.

Introduction to Improvisation

Playing by ear, we’ll focus on enjoying ourselves while taking risks. We’ll cover three types of improvisation: melodic, harmonic, and modal. All levels and instruments.

French Dance Music

We’ll learn tunes by ear from Brittany (Gavotte, Plinn and An Dro) and Central France (Bourree, Schottish, Waltz, Mazurka and Polka). All levels and instruments.

Piano Accordion Technique

We’ll cover left hand fingering and chord voicing, bellows control, and right hand ornamentation. Level: intermediate to advanced.

New Orleans Piano

An introduction to the music of Jelly Roll Morton, Professor Longhair, Dr. John and others. We’ll cover early jazz, the blues, calypso, and the secret to the second line. Level: intermediate to advanced.

Introduction to Jazz Theory

We’ll look at different types of chord progressions, why they sound the way they do, and how to use them. All levels and instruments.

Contra Dance Piano

We’ll cover the basics (solid rhythm, chords that support the melody) as well as more advanced ideas (syncopation and chord substitution). All levels.

French-Canadian Dance Tunes Repertoire class of traditional and newly composed tunes from Quebec. All levels and instruments.


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